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Welcome to our roundup of the best new fonts we’ve found online in the last month. This month, there are notably fewer revivals and serifs and a lot more chunky sans serifs than usual. Enjoy!

15 Best New Fonts, June 2024.

Super Massive

Super Massive is an all-caps display face that swaps subtlety for solidity and visual weight. It’s available in three styles, i, ii, and iii, which start bold and get progressively bolder.

Cera Mono

Cera Mono is part of the Cera collection of fonts. It’s a companion to Cera Pro, and intended to add UI design to the workhorse family’s capabilities. There’s a variable font available.


Mezzogiorno is a warm, friendly typeface with a spring in its step. The large counters, rhythm, and generous x-height make it extremely legible at small sizes.


Mansel is a distinctive high-contrast sans serif, which gives it a ribbon-like quality when used for running text. It comes in 7 different weights, from Light to Heavy, and accompanying italics.


Finality is a modern serif designed for editorial work. Thanks to its high contrast and relatively large x-height, it’s highly legible. The real star of the show is the accompanying italic that adds plenty of personality.

Paradisian Serif

Paradisian Serif is an all-caps serif intended for branding projects and headlines. There are some charming ligatures and alternatives included that present plenty of options for playing with word shapes.


Hustralge is a display serif with subtle serifs tapering from its stems. The resulting flared verticals give the typeface a hand-drawn quality that makes it ideal for branding projects seeking to emphasize the notion of craft.


Miura is a workhorse of a font family with a huge range of widths and weights with accompanying italics. The squarish glyphs are rounded into a friendly but reserved shape making it ideal for corporate branding.


Rooftop is a sans serif inspired by early 20th-century American grotesks. Its character is dominated by squarish curves that introduce a modern aesthetic to word shapes. It’s available in a variety of weights and widths, plus italics.


Spadore is an elegant typeface that oozes luxury. It would be perfect for the logo of a business specializing in high-end consumer products or services. There are alternate characters and ligatures galore.

Tiny Grotesk

Tiny Grotesk is a superfamily comprised of three different widths: Regular, Narrow, and Wide. It’s a great workhorse of a font family that offers designers a range of fine typography options.

Segovia Normal

Segovia Normal is a sans serif designed for display sizes. It’s a sober typeface that works well for headings when balancing a more ebullient body font.


Praya is a chunky, high-contrast serif designed for display use. It features alternative characters and ligatures, allowing you to create beautifully flowing text.


Scoop is a sans serif originally designed for Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter; it has just been made available as a commercial typeface and is ideal for corporate branding projects.

Turquoise Sans

Turquoise Sans is on the edge of serif status, with flared strokes adding a calligraphic, hand-drawn quality to the typeface. There are Regular and Inline styles available.

Ben Moss

Ben Moss has designed and coded work for award-winning startups, and global names including IBM, UBS, and the FBI. When he’s not in front of a screen he’s probably out trail-running.

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