WordPress’s immense popularity stems from its robust ecosystem of tools, ease of use, and flexibility. Themes and plugins are central to its versatility. Plugins, in particular, allow users to extend the functionality of their WordPress sites effectively.

Plugins are, in fact, indispensable for adding complex features to a site, eliminating the need for extensive coding or high development costs.

If the term plugin is new to you, you can think of it as an app or add-on for your website. The WordPress library, with over 50,000 plugins, offers extensive design capabilities, allowing you to unlock the full potential of WordPress itself.

A general understanding of what WordPress plugins can do and how they can leverage a website’s value and operational efficiency is key to successful website design and development.

In this collection, you’ll examine seven top WordPress plugins, each excelling in its specific area of functionality.

What You Need to Consider When Selecting a WordPress Plugin

  1. Purpose & Requirements: Clearly define what you are looking for, e.g., SEO, social media integration, eCommerce capabilities, etc.
  2. Plugin Ratings & Reviews: Make it a point to find out what other users experienced, e.g., excellent results, problems encountered, and the level of support received.
  3. Compatibility: Make certain the plugin is compatible with the version of WordPress you are using and also compatible with themes or other plugins your website is using.
  4. Update Frequency: Plugins should have been updated frequently enough to incorporate improvements, fix bugs, and remain compatible with WordPress.
  5. Support & Documentation: Good documentation can help you troubleshoot issues and make the most of the plugin’s features. Robust customer support is also important.
  6. Security: Choose plugins from developers that deliver high-quality, secure code.
  7. Performance Impact Poorly coded plugins or those overloaded with extra features could slow down your site (and add to your design workflow).
  8. Cost: Free is great if you are certain that that option meets your needs. It’s always a good idea to see if the extras a premium version offers will work to your advantage.

The Best WordPress Plugins in 2024 for Your Website Projects

1. Amelia – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointments & Events

TL;DR: Amelia is the best choice for service-oriented businesses needing to automate and streamline their appointment booking operations.

Click the video to see this plugin in action.

Spas, fitness centers, photographic studios, and other service-oriented businesses can save time and money by installing Amelia’s capabilities while at the same time profiting from increased customer or client satisfaction. With Amelia, event and appointment booking can be managed at multiple locations from a single website platform.

Veterinarian services including dog-walking, vacation care, and other special services can also make excellent use of Amelia, Petcare template.

  • User Experience: “Amelia is a great booking tool that has a nice look and feel right out of the box. It is a bit overwhelming at first because of the many settings you have but the customer service support is great. I can’t recommend this plugin enough.”
  • Client Avgerage Grade: 4.8 on Capterra.
  • Types of Support Material: Discord Group, documentation, and YouTube videos.

View Amelia

2. wpDataTables – WordPress Table Plugin

TL;DR: wpDataTables’ ease of use and powerful data management features allow users to quickly create editable and responsive tables and charts.

Click the video to see this plugin in action.

The wpDataTables plugin has long been known for allowing users to work with massive amounts of complex data. Its new Multiple Database Connections functionality goes a step further by enabling users to simultaneously connect to diverse servers.

Users have the ability to create a virtually unlimited variety of tables and charts. This pricing table template, for example, features nine different formats ranging from simplistic to more complex. wpDataTables’ conditional formatting and other customization options provide a powerful means for highlighting critical data.

  • User Experience: “The support team helped resolve the compatibility issues with my theme. Really helpful and willing to go the extra way to ensure that the plugin works well in any environment.”
  • Client Avgerage Grade: 4.83/5.
  • Types of Support Material: Documentation and YouTube videos.

View wpDataTables

3. Classic Editor WordPress Plugin

TL;DR: The Classic Editor plugin restores the long-time favorite WordPress editor and “Edit Post” screen.

Click the video to see this plugin in action.

Classic Editor will continue to be supported for as long as it is needed. The plugin allows users to manage default editors or give users the ability to make changes on their own.

  • User Experience: “Thank you for this plugin. I deactivated it a few months ago, trying to get used to the block editor. A nightmare. No more! I have wasted enough time already in frustration, trying to figure out how to put it to use. Back to classic!”
  • Client Avgerage Grade: 4.9/5.

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4. Slider Revolution – More Than Just a WordPress Slider

TL;DR: The Slider Revolution plugin is an excellent choice for anyone interested in creating animated sliders that range from engaging to jaw-dropping.

Click the video to see this plugin in action.

Slider Revolution’s top feature isn’t a single tool or function, it’s the many different ways it can be used to create sliders and web page content that will absolutely “wow” its visitors.

Designers or developers can upgrade a run-of-the-mill website to something special in minutes. Think of the last time you saw an advertisement for a Horsemanship training center: still images of happy-looking people on horseback. Now see what Slider Revolution can do with this Professional Training slider template.

Needless to say, Slider Revolution is ideal for one-page websites and portfolio websites.

  • User Experience: “Great plugin with some impressive features! Support reps are top notch all around and Abid was especially helpful.”
  • Client Avgerage Grade: 4.2/5 on Trustpilot.
  • Types of Support Material: Support manual and YouTube videos.

View Slider Revolution

5. LayerSlider – Best WordPress Slider Builder Plugin

TL;DR: LayerSlider is the best WordPress plugin for making creative sliders, slideshows, and popups.

Click the video to see this plugin in action.

LayerSlider enables its users to create a live connection between a site’s content and its visitors, whether the animated content is in a slider, a page section, a popup, or a banner for marketing purposes. Its highly customizable interface and advanced features were designed to make beginners and experts alike feel right at home.

The features and templates of LayerSlider provide a universal multi-purpose solution for all kinds of websites. “Fragrance Fantasy” for example, is a template tailored for salons and lifestyle blogs where perfume comes to life in a symphony of colors and scents. This and other templates can be easily customized by adding your own content.

  • Client Insight:“Super easy to use and the animations are just wow.”
  • Types of Support Material: Support manual, built-in help in LayerSlider’s Project Editor, direct email, and ticket system.

View LayerSlider

6. Essential Grid – WordPress Gallery Plugin

TL;DR: Essential Grid is an easy to work with WordPress Gallery Plugin for businesses and creatives looking for a way to create breathtaking galleries.

Click the video to see this plugin in action.

If you envision any gallery layout, you can create it with Essential Grid. If you can’t envision one, Essential Grid will also be able to help you.

All the tools you need are at your fingertips, plus you can use any of 50+ customizable templates designed to help you create an impressive gallery at a lightning-fast speed. Check out Essential Grids’ Dark Portfolio template with its impressive hover effects.

You can create as many skin variations as you want, choose masonry, cobbles, or any other type of layout, and mix and match the grids until you’re satisfied.

  • User Experience: “The tool is powerful and very well designed. The support team is incredibly fast, friendly and efficient! All the best to you!”
  • Client Avgerage Grade: 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.
  • Types of Support Material: YouTube videos and Support manual.

View Essential Grid

7. Brizy Website Builder

TL;DR: The expertly crafted Brizy WordPress website builder is great for those new to website building, but powerful enough for tech-savvy users as well.

Click the video to see this plugin in action.

Brizy is well suited for small businesses, freelancers, and agencies looking to launch a small to medium-sized website. Distinct PRO features for marketers include 3rd party tool integrations, popups, and membership features.

The design kit includes a collection of 500+ blocks designed to make it possible to create a website in minutes.

Brizy’s SAAS landing page template shows how easy website creation can be, especially when you have the needed content at your fingertips.

  • User Experience: “I’ve been using Brizy for a while now, and their support team is outstanding. Quick, knowledgeable, and always ready to help. They’ve made our website design experience a breeze. Highly recommend Brizy for their exceptional support and user-friendly platform.”
  • Client Avgerage Grade: 4.4/5 on Trustpilot/
  • Types of Support Material: Academy with Video Courses, Written DocumentationSupport Manual, Ticket Help-desk, YouTube videos & Facebook Group.

View Brizy

Choosing the Right WordPress Plugin

Choosing the right WordPress plugins for your website is crucial for maximizing its potential in terms of functionality and overall performance. Knowing upfront what you need in a plugin, checking its compatibility, and assessing user reviews are crucial to making the right acquisition. The plugins featured here offer robust solutions for various website requirements and represent the best in their respective niches.

Whether you choose Amelia’s all-inclusive booking system or wpDataTables’ powerful data management system or elect to take advantage of the WordPress Classic Editor, the Revolution Slider or LayerSlider dynamic content tools, or what Essential Grid and Brizy offer, you can appreciably improve your website’s functionality, user experience, or visual appeal.

Quick Recap

WP Plugin Summary Standout Feature
Amelia The best plugin for service-oriented businesses needing to automate and streamline their appointment booking operations. Great selection of booking and appointment services.
wpDataTables Powerful data management plugin for quickly creating editable and responsive tables and charts. A Multiple Database Connections capability.
Classic Editor Classic Editor plugin restores the long-time favorite WordPress editor and “Edit Post” screen. Used to extend post screens and add old-style meta boxes.
Slider Revolution Excellent plugin for creating animated sliders that range from engaging to jaw-dropping. The ability to add visual “wow” effects without having to rely on coding.
LayerSlider The best WordPress plugin for making creative sliders, slideshows, and popups. Highly customizable interface.
Essential Grid Easy to work with WordPress Gallery Plugin for businesses and creatives looking for a way to design breathtaking galleries. 50+ unique grid skins.
Brizy The expertly crafted Brizy WordPress website builder is especially suited for use by non-technical users. Perfectly suited for non-techies.

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