If you’re looking to design stand-out websites for your clients, then you’re in luck! Read on for my pick of 15+ of the best Figma templates for web designers.

What is Figma? 

Let’s start with the basics! It’s an interface design application that runs in your browser. If you’re working on a collaborative project, Figma is an especially handy tool because multiple designers can edit, share ideas, or give feedback all at the same time. 

It’s free and can be used for loads of different mediums, from designing apps, to wireframing websites, to creating social media posts. 

Another handy function of Figma is that it’s been designed with simplicity in mind, meaning more experienced designers can work alongside other project stakeholders who may not be so well-versed in the design process. 

If you’re new to Figma, check out these 5 tricks and tips for beginners—you’ll master it in no time! 

Top 15+ Figma Templates for Web Designers 

Read on for my pick of 15+ best Figma templates for web designers. You’ll find one Figma template for every need, ranging from designs for activists, bankers, pet shops, and wedding planners.

Do you need a Figma website template? We got it! Do you need a Figma resume template? There’s plenty of you to choose from. Just scroll down and have your pick of the best Figma templates for everyone.

1. Trydus – Industry & Factory Figma Website Template

This modern and highly visual Figma template has everything you could need for your industry website. With 13 editable pages, you can tell the full story of your business in a sleek and stylish way. Like many Figma templates, it’s easy to edit too. 

Trydus Figma Website TemplateTrydus Figma Website TemplateTrydus Figma Website Template

2. Figma Website Templates

You can’t get much more versatile than this Figma website template! It’s a flexible Figma website design, with business, corporate, and agency clients in mind, so you can have some fun adapting the template for your needs. It comes with all the pages you’d expect, including ‘our team’ ‘services’, and ‘pricing plans’. 

Pick this Figma template and start creating your website!

figma website templatesfigma website templatesfigma website templates

3. Assasin – eSport Figma Website Template

Designing an eSport website? You’re in luck with this memorable Figma website template. This Figma website design comes with free fonts for the homepage and inner pages, 100+ components and elements (including editable files for logo or vector images), and 10 templated pages with 2 available homepages.

Assassin figma website templateAssassin figma website templateAssassin figma website template

4. Activism Figma Website Template

Creating cutting-edge charity or activism websites has never been easier with this Figma website template. As you can see, the Figma website template kit is packed with content, meaning the organization has plenty of space to update their followers about their successes.

The Figma template comes with donation pages too, which is a helpful feature for users looking to play their part. 

activism website template for figmaactivism website template for figmaactivism website template for figma

5. Createx – Website Templates for Figma

Another versatile Figma website template, Createx, comes with 5 styles covering different industries, including creative agencies, SEO & digital marketing, construction, and online courses. A refreshing simplicity links the templates. You’ll have everything you need with this awesome Figma template.

It’s one of the most versatile Figma web templates you’ll find online.

createx - figma website templatescreatex - figma website templatescreatex - figma website templates

6. Furniture Website Banner Figma Template

How’s this for an elegant Figma website template? This design-led furniture template looks like it’s come straight from a glossy high-class magazine. The option to include a video right at the top of the homepage is also a nice touch, meaning the company can show a wider product selection in a couple of seconds. 

furniture figma website templatefurniture figma website templatefurniture figma website template

7. Exo Banking Website UI Template

From furniture to banking! Especially in the case of banking, users will want to find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily—that’s where Exo Banking comes in. This well-designed Figma template offers loads of ways to break up text, including colorful content boxes, large imagery, and calls to action. It comes with fonts, too. 

banking figma website templatebanking figma website templatebanking figma website template

8. Beige – Pet Shop Website Design Figma Template

Looking for Figma web templates for an online pet shop? Pet parents and enthusiasts alike will be impressed with this professional Figma website template! It comes with 16 pages, with layouts to include info like pricing, most popular products, and a list of available services. There’s also space for plenty of cute animal pictures too!

pet store figma templatepet store figma templatepet store figma template

9. Fabius – Figma Resume Template

If you’re after a Figma resume template, then you’re in luck with Fabius! Make resumes really stand out with this modern, fully customizable template. With stat boxes, you can draw attention to key info like the number of awards won, client numbers, and years on the job.

Download this Figma resume template and see for yourself! 

fabius - figma resume templatefabius - figma resume templatefabius - figma resume template

10. Barbershop Figma Website Template

Let your client’s business grow with this super cool barbershop template! It comes with loads of useful pages, including blogs, services, contact, and a gallery. It’s easy to customize all its parts, including the back so how you use the template is up to you. 

barbershop website figma templatebarbershop website figma templatebarbershop website figma template

11. Dreative | Startup & Business Website UI Kit

Figma templates are also handy tools for less established businesses, like start-ups. Check out this creative theme with beautifully designed layouts, including a landing page, homepage, about us, a team page, plus FAQs.

If you like the template and you’re not designing for a start-up, don’t feel like you need to be limited—its designers also specifically call out trading and exchange platforms, app solutions, IT companies, and startups as good alternative uses for the Figma website template. 

dreative figma templatedreative figma templatedreative figma template

12. News Editorial Figma Website Template

After a Figma news and magazine template? Here’s one you can use simply and easily. Ideal for bloggers, vloggers, journalists, and other business professionals, it comes with well-designed layouts including homepage, news list, news detail, my profile, and subscribe.

Check out the template to see content organized into bite-sized chunks, such as ‘trending now’ and ‘premium content’. 

news editorial figma templatenews editorial figma templatenews editorial figma template

13. Video Player Figma Template

Of course, you’re not limited to imagery alone when you pick Figma templates. This super versatile video Figma website template is a great example of that! Whether you’re designing a website for a videographer or you want to show off your own portfolio, this is a great fuss-free option. 

video player figma templatevideo player figma templatevideo player figma template

14. Wedingku Wedding Figma Template

There’s always plenty to remember when a wedding is on the cards, so here comes a Figma website template ready to streamline the process. If you’re designing on behalf of a happy couple, there are loads of useful features including a countdown, a gallery, and wedding schedule. Kick the proceedings off with style!

wedding figma templatewedding figma templatewedding figma template

15. Portfolio Figma Resume Template with UI Kits

Here’s a Figma resume template that will set anyone apart! Why stick to a plain copy document when you can use a Figma resume template like this one? It’s fully customizable so you can add your own or your client’s details, including a resume page, a profile page, plus contact details. There’s also a useful social media integration to help visitors easily find out more information. 

Get your foot in the door and surprise the recruiters with this professional Figma resume template.

porfolio figma resume templateporfolio figma resume templateporfolio figma resume template

16. Clevr – Book Store Ecommerce Figma Template

From resumes to book shops—as you can see, there’s no limit to the variety that Figma templates offer! This one comes from 10 high-quality pages, including 3 homepage versions, a book details page, a review page, and that all-important checkout page. Whether you’re looking to launch your book store or give it a revamp, this Figma website template is definitely one to consider. 

clevr book store figma templateclevr book store figma templateclevr book store figma template

Free UI Kits and Templates on Tuts+

We’re giving away free UI Kits (for Figma templates and other design applications) which you can download right here on Tuts+! Check out what’s available right now, and stay tuned for more free UI Kits coming soon!

What are Figma Templates? 

They’re Figma design kits created by experts that can be used to build content—in this case, websites. You can either pick a template designed especially for the industry you’re designing for, or you can adapt the template so it matches your brief. 

Check out these other collections of Figma templates, for UI design, wireframing, and more:

Why Use Figma Templates? 

  • Speed: Rather than designing a website from scratch, you can simply pick a Figma template and edit it to meet your requirements. 
  • Cost: Figma templates are often designed by experts, so saving time doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality. 
  • Quality: With an  Envato Elements subscription, you can download as many Figma templates as you like for free. 

Your Turn!

Now you have my pick of 15+ of the best Figma templates for designers, it’s your turn to get creating! There are loads more excellent templates to choose from, so if you haven’t found quite what you’re looking for yet, head over to Envato Elements. What’s your new favorite Figma template? 

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