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Happy New Year to you, and happy new tools! Whether you are a dedicated web tool enthusiast, looking for something specific, or just having a casual browse, welcome to our first collection of 2024.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, January 2024.

We’ve got a smattering of new AI-powered helpers, a headless CMS, a budget-friendly SEO tool, and a secret-agent-friendly file-sharing app, among other things. As many of you are settling back into work after a well-deserved break over the holidays, we hope you find something in this lot to help lighten the load or maybe even spark some new ideas. Enjoy.

An AI-powered tool that takes up to 7 keywords and creates a moodboard to kickstart your branding projects.

QRaffity takes QR codes and, using AI visually enhances them according to the prompts it is given. The result is a machine-readable QR code that is also visually engaging to a human.

Lottie animation library with added tools, and a handy web app for ease of use.

Flexible and feature-rich, Caisy headless CMS has a user-friendly interface and comprehensive versioning to simplify things.

This is a handy, Mac-only video compressor that claims to reduce file size dramatically with little to no noticeable loss of quality.

headlessForms provides the backend for online forms. It includes features like customizable auto-responses and email notifications.

Spotify’s experimentation platform is now in private beta. You can choose from three levels depending on how much customization you are looking for: managed service, backstage plugin, or API.

AI-powered knowledge base covering multiple programming languages. Search for error explanations or get suggestions for code generation. Includes a comprehensive prompt library.

Secure, private file sharing which destroys the data after it has been accessed. Perfect for sensitive content or if one of your clients is Jim Phelps.

Progressively is a feature flag and analytics app. It is open-source and self-hosted with privacy-friendly, anonymous analytics.

Screenshot websites via an API without cookie notices, ads, and chat widgets showing up. You can even add custom styles to the rendering.

Bugpilot is a bug tracker for React apps. It finds problems and then sends you a detailed report.

There are already plenty of keyword search tools out there, but what SEO search does to set it apart is use a credit-based model rather than subscription. You pay only for the searches you do.

We don’t often include physical products here, but keeping a clear workspace is valuable. It’s a multiple charger with various adaptors that can fast charge up to 3 devices at once or a laptop on its own.

AI-powered rapid prototyping for web apps using natural language.

Paddi MacDonnell

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