If you think world map templates are useless, think again. In the design world, map templates can be a hot commodity, especially if you’re working with clients looking to expand into a global market.

Corporate and business clients can make use of the maps to plan their expansion strategy and show it to their investors and shareholders. They can also use them to showcase the location of their offices worldwide in presentations or to add to their About or Contact page. In addition to that, they can use the maps on any of their printed material such as brochures, newsletters, flyers, and more.

World maps are also useful for any website or publication that focuses on global statistics. They come in handy for schools and online teaching platforms that deal with geography topics extensively. In short, there is plenty of websites and design projects that could use a world map and the examples above only scratch the surface of why and when you might need world map templates.

However, high-quality, world map templates are not easy to come by. In a world of textures, patterns, and brushes, world maps aren’t common which is why we’ve rounded up the best high-quality world map templates in this post as well as to save you time and frustration from trying to find them yourself.

The best part about these templates is that you can download them for free so definitely check them out below and be sure to add them to your design library.

Creative World Map Templates

Grayscale World Map Templates

Colorful World Map Templates

Blank World Map Templates

Vintage-Style World Map Templates

Pixelated World Map Templates

Folded World Map Templates

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