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2024 is well underway and shaping up to be an interesting year. So, to help you keep your focus on working hard and getting stuff done, we’ve collected another bunch of helpful bits and pieces from across the web.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, February 2024.

In this month’s selection, you’ll find scheduling helpers, components, audio creation, and color tools. Enjoy!

Formerly Cron, the new Notion Calendar allows you to integrate Notion docs and timelines with Google Calendar. Support for more calendar providers (Outlook, iCloud) is in progress.

MixAudio is an AI-powered music generator that takes text prompts, images, or other audio and returns mood-appropriate background music.

Dealo is a platform for creating and adding pricing cards That includes simple integration with Stripe.

Sheet API turns Google Sheets into REST JSON APIs, allowing you to use a spreadsheet as a simple CMS.

Easy search database for expired domains. Enter a site subject, and a list of expired domains related to that subject is returned.

These customizable, open-source components for the Cosmic headless CMS platform are ready to go with inbuilt SEO optimization.

Randoma11y is a color combination generator that uses algorithms to ensure the contrast is above accessible levels.

The web is groaning under the weight of all the AI image generators, but some are better than others. ReCraft allows you to maintain consistency across a series or to create sets that would come in handy for icons.

TidyCal has been around for a while but has had a significant overhaul recently. Great for keeping track of client meetings, and can allow prospective clients to book a meeting based on when you are available.

Described as a ‘nostalgic serif,’ Rohesta is both elegant and robust. Suitable for display text when you want to shout, but in a dignified manner.

Arc is a macOS (OS12+) browser that has had significant updates to simplify the browsing experience. Plus, we love the dedicated developer mode.

BlitzBear uses AI to analyze and optimize existing site content based on your chosen keywords. It is excellent for boosting rankings without the manual slog.

EasyDoing creates professional-looking invoices from natural language prompts.

This speech-to-text app helpfully summarises your dictation and has a handy rewrite with AI feature.

Submit JSON is a handy serverless form backend notification API. It sends notifications via email, integrations, and webhooks.

Paddi MacDonnell

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