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November 06, 2023

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means only thing around here: it’s time for tools.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, November 2023.

We’ve got a mix of handy image helpers, useful design assets, and clever productivity tools, amongst other treats. Some are brand new, some are new versions of existing resources, all are (we think) worth checking out.

And of course, we couldn’t even think of putting together a tools bag for November without putting in some Thanksgiving icons for you to play with. Enjoy.

This fast image retouching tool could prove very handy when putting together a pitch or demo, without the need for a full photoshop job.

Taking things a step further, Pebblely cuts out your image background and adds a stock background of your choice. Again, great for pitches and client demos.

Veed is a browser-based video creation and editing tool with lots of features including automatic captioning, and translation.

JS Image Carver resizes images by cropping out areas between objects, and any unwanted objects, using a javascript algorithm.

Fluxforms is a no code form builder with added data collection and analysis. It bills itself as a free alternative to Typeform.

Version 4 of Universal UI Kit for Figma has just launched, with integrated variables, updated colors and typography, and improved components.

Audionotes takes voice notes and unstructured text notes and converts them into structured text summaries using AI.

Not only does this icon library contain plenty of well-designed, customizable icons, but the website itself is also really well organized and easy to use.

This is a nice little asset to have in the toolbox. You never know when you might need a textured background in a hurry.

Add instant anarchy to any project with this rather fun display font. The set includes special and accented characters.

As promised, your Thanksgiving icons. This set should have all your pilgrim hat and pumpkin pie related design needs covered.

Calendars and planners are really useful — some would say vital — tools, but they can often be fiddly to use. Markwhen simplifies things by using markdown to create timelines and schedules.

Halfmoon is a responsive css framework that is highly customizable thanks to its use of css variables. It can also dropped in seamlessly as a replacement for Bootstrap.

Renote is a whiteboard for iPad, useful for sketching out ideas, planning, setting goals, and making notes. Paid plans include offline mode and an AI assistant.

Cyan Stats is simplified analytics with an emphasis on privacy. It doesn’t install cookies or cross-site trackers, but does give you real time traffic reports.

Paddi MacDonnell

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