Of course, some businesses rely solely on word of mouth. But, there’s no way around it—businesses without a web presence are becoming more and more of a rarity. The thing is, the way you present yourself, and the way people talk about you online will make a huge difference to the bottom line. As many as 81% of shoppers search products online before purchasing—so no matter how good you look in the real world, it’s important your online presence is just as strong. 

Business Concept illustrationsBusiness Concept illustrationsBusiness Concept illustrations
Business concept illustrations on Envato Elements

Read on as I share my pick of the best WordPress themes for business, as well as tips for selecting the perfect theme, and examples of some solid businesses out there in cyberspace today!

3 Tips to Remember Before You Pick Your WordPress Theme

1. Define Your Success

The best business websites are more than just a brochure of your products or services, they inspire some kind of action, or website conversion. Are you looking for people to buy your products? Sign up for your newsletter? Share your content? Define your objective(s) and ensure your website is designed with that purpose in mind. 

2. Keep it Simple

People are busy. With your objectives in mind, try to keep things simple in terms of design and user experience. If you want to sell a new t-shirt, make sure it’s front and center and update headers or sliders to ensure people know all there is to know at a glance. Try to focus on a couple of key messages rather than create a cluttered space. 

3. Follow Trends

Web design trends change regularly, so you can’t do everything at once. However, it’s worth researching trends before you pick or amend your WordPress theme for business to see if you can incorporate or be inspired by some of the latest trends. Check out our graphic design trends for 2021.

Best WordPress Themes for Business 

Read on for my pick of the best WordPress themes for business. 

1. Bodega – Small Business Theme

Bodega - Small Business ThemeBodega - Small Business ThemeBodega - Small Business Theme

This theme is super versatile, with 30 demos each designed with a different business niche in mind, including a demo for restaurants, bakeries, start-ups, jewelers, and clothes shops. Take the Fringe demo, for example, which is designed specifically for hair salons.

The full-page header enables you to show snaps of your salon, staff, products, or ‘after’ results in a simple, eye-catching way. The section dedicated to stylists is also a good feature, where the user can click through to their social channels for further info. 

2. Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeEnfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeEnfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

With more than 227,000 sales and an average of 4.81 out of 5 stars, Enfold sure has its fair share of fans! Created way back in 2013 but regularly updated, with an update in May 2021, it has experience on its side as well as the latest features.

Like Bodega, you’re spoilt for choice with plenty of different demos that can be adapted based on your needs. Looking for spa, wedding, church, gaming, or DJ demos? Enfold’s got your back. 

3. Aviana – Elegant Wellness & Spa Theme

Aviana - Elegant Wellness & Spa ThemeAviana - Elegant Wellness & Spa ThemeAviana - Elegant Wellness & Spa Theme

Immerse yourself in a relaxing spa experience with this elegant, sophisticated WordPress theme for business. Another multi-demo theme, layouts include Spa Resort, Nutritionist, Yoga Studio, and Life Coach. Or, the full-screen Showcase demo (pictured), focuses on classic simplicity, providing full-width sliders to really immerse the user in the experience awaiting them. 

4. Elegantia – Restaurant and Cafe WordPress Theme

Elegantia - Restaurant and Cafe WordPress ThemeElegantia - Restaurant and Cafe WordPress ThemeElegantia - Restaurant and Cafe WordPress Theme

If you’re after a WordPress theme for your food business, then Elegantia is certainly one to consider forking out on. As you can see from the demo, it combines a full-width slider with content blocks to break up info (in this case, ‘about’, the menus, and special events). There’s also a useful breakdown of items on the menu alongside pictures and prices. 

5. Construction WordPress Theme

Construction WordPress ThemeConstruction WordPress ThemeConstruction WordPress Theme

For those of you looking to construct a website for your building business, this theme is for you. With four homepage examples and four header examples, you can easily see how the demo could be adapted for your business.

The Home Extended theme opts for useful intro videos on the homepage, allowing businesses to intro their businesses and services in an engaging way. There’s also a great gallery of featured works, showing users the previous fruits of their labor. 

6. Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

Qwery - Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTLQwery - Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTLQwery - Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

Released in April this year, Qwery is a newcomer on the block but is collecting plenty of positive reviews. There are 40+ varied demos to pick from, including one for elderly care, mechanics, wineries, psychologists, and designers. All are unique, but the Dentist theme (pictured) includes a newsletter sign-up pop-up, an events calendar in the header, and iconography to quickly show visitors the services available. 

7. Pearl – Corporate Business WordPress Theme

Pearl - Corporate Business WordPress ThemePearl - Corporate Business WordPress ThemePearl - Corporate Business WordPress Theme

Although many of the best WordPress themes for business can be adapted to suit a particular business’ look and feel, this one has plenty of demos specifically for companies with a more traditionally corporate vibe. There are demos for conferences, lawyers, and investors.

That being said, it’s not just for the suited and booted—there are demos for creative agencies, food delivery companies, and charities too. The Business theme, pictured, includes a well-designed testimonial section to add credibility to your offering. 

8. Incubator – WordPress Startup Business Theme

Incubator - WordPress Startup Business ThemeIncubator - WordPress Startup Business ThemeIncubator - WordPress Startup Business Theme

New business? Looking for business investments? The Startup demo may be just what you’re after. Iconography, small content blocks to break up text in easily digestible chunks, calls to action, a team page, testimonials, logos, videos—there’s a whole lot of rich content on the homepage alone. It has a clean, modern, well-organized feel to help users find the info they’re looking for quickly. 

9. Arki – Architecture Theme

Arki - Architecture ThemeArki - Architecture ThemeArki - Architecture Theme

Released in June this year, Arki is another new WordPress theme for business, but it’s launched in style with nine pre-built websites. They’re all modern, clean, and simple in style—all looking like they could adorn the pages of high-class magazines.

Interior Design Home, for example, is highly visual and the sticky navigation bar means the call to action (in this case, ‘get a quote’) is never out of the user’s vision. This theme also comes with 22 header layouts and WooCommerce integration so users can buy directly from the site in a couple of clicks. 

10. KALLYAS – Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress ThemeKALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress ThemeKALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

With more than 48,000 sales and counting, KALLYAS is another popular WordPress theme for business that had to make the list. Like many of the business templates, it comes with video and written tutorials to help with the set-up process. It’s also optimized for speed, important for keeping your bounce rate in check.

Take a few minutes scrolling through the demos to see the incredible variety offered by KALLYAS. The Hosting template (pictured) is designed with conversion in mind—from the call to action right at the top, the ability to enter a website domain to check for its availability, and the price breakdown of different services including the opportunity to buy. 

11. Kalium – Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerce

Kalium - Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerceKalium - Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerceKalium - Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerce

Freelancer? Wedding planner? Fitness business owners? Bloggers? Photographer? Architect? Then head on over to Kalium to explore this high-end WordPress theme for business (this isn’t even an exhaustive list so do explore even if you don’t recognize yourself on the initial list).

The Bookstore template (pictured) screams laid-back class, with an animated slider header followed by a list of products plus prices. Users can also click on the categories of the book they’re looking for, speeding up the navigation process. There’s also an aesthetically-pleasing events calendar. 

12. Stockholm – A genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Stockholm - A genuinely Multi-Concept ThemeStockholm - A genuinely Multi-Concept ThemeStockholm - A genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Okay, so I know I’ve given you plenty of WordPress themes for business that have multiple demos, but here’s one more. Stockholm comes with 140+ demos, so it’s safe to say there’s a demo for every occasion! Demo categories include art, fashion, technology, wedding, and health and beauty.

Although there are so many great demos to choose from, Agata is one designed for a creative agency. The demo is so simplistic is stands out, with plenty of space for case studies about recent work. 

13. BLO – Corporate Business WordPress Theme

BLO - Corporate Business WordPress ThemeBLO - Corporate Business WordPress ThemeBLO - Corporate Business WordPress Theme

Gutenberg-optimized, BLO is super easy to edit and customize as you see fit. It comes with 200+ pre-set blocks, a header and footer builder, and it’s been SEO-optimized to help improve your search ranking. Home Two, for example, includes an animated full-width header, ample calls to action, a case studies section, and a newsletter sign-up option. 

14. Deploy – Consulting & Business Theme

Deploy – Consulting & Business ThemeDeploy – Consulting & Business ThemeDeploy – Consulting & Business Theme

With a more corporate, traditional feel, Deploy offers features including testimonials, WooCommerce integration, social share functionality, 600+ Google fonts, and the ability to change header skin from section to section.

The Company Home demo (pictured) includes a blog section at the bottom of the homepage where the user can dive deeper into specific topics. Copy is also limited on the homepage, instead there are summaries directing users to secondary pages. 

Best WordPress Themes for Business (Free)

15. Radiant Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)

Radiant Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)Radiant Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)Radiant Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)

This dark theme is sophisticated and professional. Like many of the best premium WordPress themes for business, it comes with a large slider, hero section, projects, featured content, what we do, etc. Content is also broken down into sections to ensure it’s easily digestible for visitors. 

16. Easy Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)

Easy Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)Easy Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)Easy Business (Free Business WordPress Theme)

Designed especially with consulting services in mind (i.e. business, marketing, advertising, financial, or insurance), Easy Business bans the clutter in exchange for simplicity. The user is met by a large header and call to action, followed by three content blocks with iconography, each explaining available services. 

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes for Business 

Premium pros:

  • Often there are more features available than with most free themes.
  • Many come with free features included within the price, i.e. sliders.
  • They’re often updated more regularly than free themes.
  • Many are designed with site speed and SEO in mind. 

Free pros: 

  • Well, they’re free, so they can be useful if you’re just starting out or want to experiment with a few different options. 

How to Create a WordPress Theme for Business

  1. Visit ThemeForest and select WordPress templates—as many of the best WordPress business templates can be customized based on your needs, you can either search more generally for business templates or for the specific business you’re interested in, i.e. tattoo studiospet shops, or florists
  2. Scroll through all the options available to you. 
  3. Download your favorite directly to your PC. 
  4. Customize your template by adding your own content (images, text, videos, etc). Many templates also give you the option to customize the layout. 
  5. Send live and watch the hits and leads come rolling in!

Excellent Business Website Examples

Read on for three impressive business website examples, as well as a breakdown of some killer features. Most WordPress business website examples offer each of these features too.  

Marks and Spencer for Business


  • Iconography: It takes just 2.6 seconds for a user to settle on their chosen website section, so anything you can do to quickly and clearly signpost relevant info is going to make their lives easier. Marks and Spencer for Business uses icons to visually signpost its product offering. 
  • Contact us: This B2B website opts for contact forms rather than displaying product prices. Even if your prices are more visible, offering a contact form and making it easy to find is a pretty important feature within most WordPress themes for businesses.
  • Video integration: On the homepage, Marks and Spencer for Business opts for a video ‘how-to’ to explain to customers how to order.

Sony Music

Sony MusicSony MusicSony Music

  • Slider: Sony Music uses a slider header, which scrolls through various artists and automatically updates after a couple of seconds. Many WordPress themes for business come with sliders included—they’re a great way to display lots of content in a short space of time.
  • Logos: Here you can scroll through the labels Sony Music works with, quickly showing users the caliber of the business.
  • Social media integration: Users can quickly see the latest news by seeing Sony Music’s latest tweets on the homepage.

MOD Pizza

MOD PizzaMOD PizzaMOD Pizza

  • Newsletter sign-up: Integrated within the large footer, users can quickly see where they can input their details in exchange for company news, offers, and deals.
  • eCommerce: You don’t need to spend long on the site to find plenty of calls to action, such as ‘Order now’. The site makes it easy for users to banish their pizza cravings in favor of the real thing.
  • Google map integration: Under the ‘locations’ tab in the navigation bar, users can see how many MOD outlets there are across the US—each is signposted with a red symbol. And as you can see from the map, it’s an impressive number!

WordPress Monthly Traffic Stats

Just how much traffic does WordPress get a month? Read on for the latest stats from WordPress

  • 409M unique visitors
  • 20B page views
  • 70M new posts
  • 77M new comments 

More Business WordPress Theme Collections


Over to You! Did you have a favorite WordPress theme for business from the list? Do you think I’m missing any themes that deserve a place on the list? To view the full selection of themes, visit ThemeForest and search business or your specific business niche. Happy creating!

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